CVU Local Lolla Preview 2013: Yawn!

Every day this week, CVU will be running a feature on Chicago talent performing at this year’s Lollapalooza, as part of a series in partnership with Do312. Today: Yawn!


Psych pop outfit Yawn may be set to perform as part of this summer’s Lollapalooza line up, but that doesn’t mean the group is biding its time between now and August. At the end of last month, the group posted a picture to their Facebook (above) announcing they were in the mixing stage of finishing their forthcoming record. Speaking to CVU about the album back in January of this year, frontman Adam Gil had the following to say.

"The new stuff we’re recording is less sample-based than before. We’re getting some great natural sounds here at FeelTrip Studios, and we’ve been more excited by the idea of playing our instruments more. It’ll still be a mixture of natural, electronic and sampled sounds, but it feels good to get our heads out of the computer and jam together.”

Aside from working on new music, the members of Yawn also keep busy being involved with the aforementioned FeelTrip project, which includes an indie label and a DIY live music space on the near South Side. Yawn will be out representing for the operation later this month at the FeelTrip Night Out event on May 24th at SubT (tix). In the meantime, check out the group’s Happy Tears E.P. from last summer below. And catch Yawn live at Lollapalooza on Sunday, August 4th in Grant Park.



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